The Photography of Edward Lee Pando

Welcome to my virtual photography studio of digital images taken in and around the Jémez mountains and other far away places. I took a photography class in High School learned to develop black and white 35mm film use an enlarger, studied photographic compostion and how to take landscape and portrait photographs using color or black and white. I have been taking photographs ever since.

There is a certain magic that occurs when a photograph is taken. The image captures a moment. The characteristics of that moment will never be the same again. Each image is a unique view of a moment captured in time, space and motion. I hope you enjoy my work and please do come back as I will be updating new images from time to time. Thank you for your visit.

Highway 4

Highway 4 starts out just below Los Alamos, New Mexico and then weaves it's way like a snake up, down and around canyons, up mountains to the Valles Caldera, down between obsidean canyon walls, through the Jemez Pueblo all the way to San Ysidro, New Mexico.

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